finding-office-space-in-stockholm-the-ultimate-guide, the most efficient and convenient way of finding office space in Stockholm.  To get you started I have written a guide on how to find available offices in Stockholm, Sweden. It contains information about different business districts in Stockholm, what the cost of lease is, what different kinds of offices there are, where to look and general tips. If you have further questions please leave a comment or tweet us @ytapunktse and I will update the blog post.

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Where in Stockholm to locate your office?

Stockholm is a city made up of islands, while this makes the city incredibly beautiful it also puts serious constraints on the city’s logistics. Depending of what kind of business you run and who your customers are, different parts of Stockholm might be more or less suitable for your office location. In order to keep the length of this blog post acceptable instead of writing an entire guide book, I’ve taken the liberty to generalize a little bit about the districts mentioned below. The essence and general feeling of it should still be fairly accurate.

Central Stockholm

The inner city which is referred to as “Innanför tullarna” (Inside of the toll stations) by Stockholmers is in turn made up by five smaller parts or city districts listed below.




City, Norrmalm is considered the CBD of Stockholm and has the highest concentration of businesses in Stockholm. The CBD obviously has the most expensive leases, but it also has the best communications to the rest of Stockholm and Arlanda, Sweden’s biggest airport(20 min by express train). Find available office space in Norrmalm here




Kungsholmen is a part of Stockholm that have become more and more popular recently, both as an residential area but also as a place to do your business. A popular business district within Kungsholmen is Lindhagen where Swedish construction giant Skanska have located their HQ. Find available office space in Kungsholmen here




Östermalm is the most exclusive part of Stockholm. This is where you’ll find the most exclusive stores, restaurants, night clubs and of course the most high-end office spaces. If you’re dealing with high profile customers, Östermalm is probably where you’ll want to locate your office. Find available office space in Östermalm here




Södermalm is Stockholms hipster paradise and has a high concentration of creatives and creative companies such as ad agencies, media and photographers. Södermalm is also where a large portion of the Swedish gaming industry is established. Dice(Battlefield), Mojang (Mindcraft), Avalanche Studios (Just Cause, Renegade Ops) and Paradox (Magicka) are all located in Södermalm.

Gamla stan

Gamla stan or Old town which it’s often referred to in English is as the name suggest the oldest part of Stockholm. Tourists flock to this part of Stockholm due to its rich history and many sights such as the royal castle. The Old Town is also where the Swedish Riksdag (Parliament) is located, so high profile management consultants and law firms are often located close to Old Town and Rosenbad where the government have their seat. Find available office space in Gamla stan here

Outside of central Stockholm


Another important business center is Kista, which is located approximately 10 kilometers north of the inner city. Kista is the home of the Swedish telecommunication industry and Ericsson have their HQ located here. Due to Ericsson presence in the area many international telecommunication and tech companies have chosen to locate their Swedish offices in Kista. Nokia, Huawei, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung and many more all have their Swedish HQs i Kista. All though there are many big companies located in Kista there is not really that much going on after office hours.

You could kinda think of Kista as Stockholms downtown, a lot of activity during offices hours but not that much going on otherwise. Find available office space in Kista here.


An up and coming business center in the Stockholm region is Solna, which lies in between the inner city and Kista. One of Sweden’s biggest banks, Swedbank, recently relocated their entire business here. Vattenfall, the huge state owned power company also recently built new office and relocated their business to Solna. In general the rents are lower in Solna but you still have great communications to the rest of Stockholm by subway, commuter train and busses. Find available office space in Solna here

What kind of offices are there:

Coworking spaces

In the last few years a lot of new coworking spaces have been established in Stockholm and if you want to jump right into the the tech and startup scene working from a coworking space is a great way of building your network. Some of the most prominent coworking spaces are SUP46, Impact Hub and Knackeriet.

You can also see our previous blogpost about coworking spaces in Stockholm here(in Swedish so use google translate) which contains a list of all the co-workingspaces in Stockholm and prices.

Long term leases

Not unlike other places around the globe the most common way to rent office space is by long term leases of around 3 years. While this might be your cheapest option, if you are a small company with an unproven track record, don’t be surprised if you have to pay a security deposit equivalent to three to six months of rent, while at the same time being personally liable for the rent being paid.

Serviced office

Generally serviced offices will offer more flexible terms regarding contract length and and deposits. Broadband, coffee and a reception desk is often included.

Second hand lease

If you are looking for a flexible option or short time lease, going out on the second hand lease market might be your best bet.

How much does it cost to rent office space in Stockholm?



Swedish office space is generally priced per square meter and year. If you rent in the outskirts of Stockholm such as Solna and Kista  your rent might be in the range of 1800 SEK/square meter a year to 2500 SEK/sqm/year. This would be the equivalent of paying 15 000 SEK to 21 000 SEK a month for a 100 square meter office. For a more in depth analysis of office leases in Stockholm see our previous blog post (in Swedish)

How to find office space

  • Use the information above to decide on a area in Stockholm that will be suitable location for your new Stockholm office.
  • Scan the available office space online and find offices that are suitable to your business needs.
  • Contact the agents or landlords who lists the office space you are interested in. In Sweden, it is common for the landlords to lease space directly without going through an agent so don’t be afraid to get in contact with the property owners.
  • Negotiate your contract.

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