A 3D-Tour of our office space and team members - technology that we use on our platform to showcase vacant office space.


Interested in working with us? Meet the team in a digital walkthrough.

As a marketplace for office space, it seems only natural for us to show off our own office, however soul baring the activity might be. Today we invite the public to take a stroll in the day to day lives of our company with the hopes of it revealing a peek into how it would look, feel and be like to work at yta.se.

Reavealing a peek into how it would look, feel and be like to work at yta.se

As a young company we are still conceiving our office ethos, but a common thread in our design is enabling an active workplace centered around communication and collaboration. One thing that is certain is that we absolutely love and obsess over offices as a concept, so reworking and optimizing our own will always be a fun pastime. To truly succeed with our mission of helping companies find the best offices defines the need to also help ourselves.

Some coming improvements that we are excited about include a TV dashboard for our most important metrics, a snack cart, and the implementation of an office sport. The odds of us staying in one place for too long are also quite low, so maybe we will get the chance to produce another one of these blog posts soon. 

Interested in working with us?